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Web Site Planning

April 2nd, 2013


Almost all businesses and companies have or want a web site, the growth of the internet over the past few years, not only as a source of general information, but now as a primary source of business, of social communication, of data storage, has been immense.

So, you want a web site, but good websites are bespoke unique designs, tailored to attract, inform and do business with your clients,  but what do you want it for?

Take time out to research the answers to a few basic questions and this will help your web developer to understand your requirements

1. What are the objectives for your new website? – what are you going to achieve with the website ( is it just to show remote family how the kids are growing by posting pictures….. what is the goal)

2. Who are the target audience for the site? (existing clients / new clients / business partners?)

3. What will the positioning be for the site (i.e. upmarket or cheap and cheerful – i know of a printer in wales who has 3 sites, selling the same products at different price points by targetting each differently)?

4. Does your logo need updating, are you rebranding, are you happy with the perception of your company that your logo gives?

5. Content – aside from standard pages of text, what other content do you plan to use (blogs, articles, downloadable files, video, ecommerce)?

6. Who will write the content and keep it updated?

7. Have you considered Google (and the other search engines) in your plan?

8. when you imagine a search for your website – what are your top 10 keyword phrases that should identify you?

9. Do you want to integrate it with social media activity (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)?

10. Are there any reference sites?

Good luck, if you need any help we are more than happy to help guide you through to a running a successful website, contact us on or call 01494 464868



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