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Video Advertising with QR Codes.

March 14th, 2014


QR codes can be a great way to send someone to an online video and add a different angle to your marketing.

A QR code could be simply be added to a business card that links to a short introductory video on YouTube.. This would be a great way to remind the recipient of who you are and what you do.

Billboards are another good example of QR codes popping up all around us. Calvin Klein ran three billboards recently in New York and Los Angeles that linked to an exclusive commercial.

When linking QR Codes to video, remember that you are interacting with your customers through their smartphones, so no heavy downloads or link to websites that are not suited to a small screen. Consider special links that are customised for your mobile customer both in format and content.

Be sure that you can edit the content of the link itself, should there ever be a problem with it. For example, don’t link to something that you can’t change if there should be a need to change the content for a mobile device – such as the above Calvin Klein link 🙂 .

If you are having doubts about video consider these statistics:

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website with only Facebook and Google being better.

70% of all visitors to the web watch online videos.

Professionally produced videos online have increased by 47% – getting more than 72.3 billion views.

83.5%, of the internet audience watched online video.

25% of visitors to YouTube were from a mobile device – this is up from 6% a year ago.

63% of people who watched online video at home did so from a mobile device rather than a desktop computer.

The above statistics should get savvy marketers and business owners salivating at the prospect of delivering video content to their target audience as this is the single most powerful way of getting their attention.

If you accept the premise that a large percentage of the population is watching online video and doing so from their mobile device, the next question to ask is how to best deliver the video to your target audience.

The best way to do this is using QR Codes (see this article for a primer on what QR Codes are).

You can create a QR Code to launch a video when scanned. The video can be hosted on your web site or you can upload it onto a site like YouTube or Vimeo.

Just make sure you put QR Codes in as many of your printed collateral as possible and ensure they link to videos that are relevant to the printed item.

If you need advice on creating QR Codes and adding them to your print and marketing material then get in touch and we will show you how.



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